How to Transfer Your Mobile Number to Another Network in the UK

How to Transfer Your Mobile Number to Another Network in the UK

Switching to a new mobile network in the UK doesn't mean losing your phone number. Our guide provides a step-by-step process to help you transfer your number with ease.
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So you just purchased a brand new VIP Number from us but you're considering moving to a new mobile network and are worried about losing your Fancy Number? Worry not! In the UK, transferring your mobile number to a different network is a simple and straightforward process. This guide will walk you through each step to ensure a smooth transition.


1. Choose Your New Network and Plan: Start by exploring various network providers. Look for a plan that aligns with your needs in terms of coverage, data allowances, costs, and customer service. Don't rush; finding the right provider is key to your long-term satisfaction.

2. Obtain Your PAC Code: Your journey begins with acquiring a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from your current provider. This code is crucial for keeping your number. To get your PAC from your current provider simply text PAC to 65075. You should receive your PAC instantly. Otherwise, please contact your current network providers customer service. Remember, the PAC is valid for 30 days, if it goes past expiration then you can simply order another one to renew it.

3. Sign Up with a New Provider: Once you've got your PAC and chosen a new provider, it's time to sign up for your new plan. During this process, make sure to mention that you want to keep your existing phone number. Keep in mind that the mobile number you'll receive from your new network provider will be overwritten with the vip mobile number you want to port in. So just make sure you back up any contacts or notify them as you won't have access to your old number anymore.

4. Hand Over Your PAC Code: Provide your new network provider with the PAC code. This step initiates the transfer process and is often done during the sign-up process, however you may do it whenever you like. Usually you can do this via the mobile networks website once you've signed up, however you can also just call up their customer service's to help you.

5. Schedule the Transfer: Your new provider will set a date for the transfer, which usually takes just one working day. Mark this date as there might be a brief service interruption during the switch. You would still be able to use your old number while it's porting into the mobile network of your choice, however once you lose service your number has successfully been ported in.

6. Insert Your New SIM: That's it. Insert your new sim card into your mobile phone and your good to go. Just be sure to register your details with your new mobile network provider.

Conclusion: Switching networks while keeping your number is a right you have as a consumer in the UK. This guide should help make the process hassle-free. Remember to read all terms and conditions related to your new and old contracts to avoid any surprises. Happy switching!